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If osteoarticular tuberculosis is diagnosed and treated at an early stage, approximately 90% to 95% of patients would achieve healing with near normal function. The mainstay of treatment is multidrug antituberculous chemotherapy (for 12 to 18 months) and active – assisted nonweightbearing exercises of the involved joint throughout the period of healing. Operative intervention is required.  · Keywords: Osteoarticular, tuberculosis, diagnostic modalities INTRODUCTION About 30 million people suffer from tuberculosis (TB) throughout the world every year and 1–2% of these patients suffer from osteoarticular TB, 1 also 50% of osteoarticular TB affects the spine. 1 Even today the diagnosis of osteoarticu- lar TB is made predominantly based on clinical and radiolog- ical features Cited by: 7.  · Osteoarticular tuberculosis usually starts as osteomyelitis in the growth plates of bones, where the blood supply is best, and then spreads locally into the joint spaces The diagnosis of osteoarticular tuberculosis is often delayed, on average by 16 to 19 months,10 and may be delayed up to 10 years The most consistent clinical symptoms are insidious onset, pain, swelling of the joint Cited by: Osteoarticular tuberculosis. Kosinski MA(1), Smith LC. Author information: (1)New York College of Podiatric Medicine, New York, USA. Over the past several years there has been a dramatic rise in the incidence of tuberculosis. Peripheral skeletal tuberculosis is, more often than not, misdiagnosed as osteoarthritis or pyogenic osteomyelitis. Tuberculosis is no longer a "zebra" among differential. Background: Both osteoarticular tuberculosis (OA-TB) and inflammatory arthritis can lead to osteoarticular structural damage. These conditions exhibit similar symptoms, physical signs, and imaging features. Rapidly and accurately diagnosing OA-TB in patients with inflammatory arthritis presents a challenge to clinicians. Tuberculosis of the sternoclavicular joints From May to December , we treated 9 patients with tubercular arthritis in 10 sternoclavicular joints. The patients presented with a painful swelling (7 joints), painless swelling (2 joints) and a painless (?) discharging sinus (1 joint) having a mean duration of symptoms of 13 () months . Tuberculosis, Osteoarticular "Tuberculosis, Osteoarticular" is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings). Descriptors are arranged in a hierarchical structure, which enables searching at various levels of specificity.  · Osteoarticular tuberculosis is a rare inflammatory joint disease with an indolent and insidious presentation. Early detection is crucial to aid in proper treatment to avoid the characteristically progressive destruction and permanent joint deformity that will develop if left untreated. Osteoarticular tuberculosis is a common form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, and most patients with osteoarticular tuberculosis in China will be misdiagnosed with other types of arthritis or bone tissue infection in the early stage. 7, 9, 10 By the time of final diagnosis, the opportunity for better treatment has been missed and there is no option but to choose invasive surgery. Tuberculosis, Osteoarticular Ledtuberkulos Svensk definition. Tuberkulos i skelettben och leder. Engelsk definition. Tuberculosis of the bones or joints. After Lung and lymph node, bone and joints is the next most common site of tuberculosis in the body. 3. Bone and joints tuberculosis • Spine most commonly affected, 50% of .